Ibiza Tennis Services
Lessons, Training, Individual & Groups

  • We offer tennis classes for all ages and in any location on the island.
  • With our form, we will know in advance what your level is, what type of class you would like to carry out and what training preferences you have.
  • We have at your disposal one-day classes or work progressions to reach higher levels in your game.
  • For initial learning stages, we adapt training to age.
  • Extensive experience with children and youth.

Individual Lessons

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Individual sessions.
General classes or improvement of specific aspects.
Personalized to your level thanks to the previous form.
Availability to adapt the time and place on the island where you want to do the session
We will put various resources at your disposal (to warm up, to practice, to improve,…) and to stretch and do exercises after class.

Group Tennis Programs

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You can carry out sessions with the groups that have in operation.
Great variety of games and exercises to develop your game in real situations
You will meet people with whom you will be able to play tennis and play the game of any

Progressive Learning Programs

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Progression program in learning tennis.
We will work on specific aspects or the general development of the game.
Totally personalized.
Focused on the practice of tennis in match situations.
Discounts for hiring a minimum number of classes.
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Joan Amorós Salinas
Pista Polideportiva
Colegio Can Coix
07820 - San Antoni Portmany
Telef: +34 627 93 17 37


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